in her past life

(AKA before prison)

she was frequently “on”

– not stage precisely –

teaching, coaching

leading in word and deed


then there was the end

and this new trepidatious



this cautious re-invention

tread on quivering

pins and needles


today she takes the floor

with audience unique

her pros meet their cons


where she sat last year


she blends bookish knowledge

with “inside” information

amalgamates a formula

with gesticulated emphasis


in each arm raise

exaggerative expression

calculated intensity

confidence gathers

rolls back clouds

thundering doubt


she steps beyond concertina

razored shadowing

speaks of what she knows


demonstrating concepts

mock bad-ass

prison bitch

rebirthed suave professional


with ease she draws them in

skirt twirls she makes a point

in the speaking

she reclaims her voice

in the pacing

she hits her stride




19 thoughts on “Entwining

  1. Chills!!!!! You are not afraid to make us uncomfortable with your experience. You know I live in the darkness baby. Own that shit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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