there is no owners manual

in the afterbirth

this mothering business

takes guesswork

extensive on the job training

my children share my DNA

not necessarily sense

sensibilities or sensitivities

each one a new mystery

my mistakes are many

my devotion never-ending

slivers of my soul

infuse every intention

along this journey

have lurked pitfalls

misguided misdirections

deep valleys and high peaks

despite heartaches

tremulous doubts

shrieking fears

joys are unequivocal

these children

I have been gifted

my most priceless



8 thoughts on “Mothering

  1. Sure, there are NO manuals preparing us as parents, but, for some of us, parenting comes naturally, but for others, it takes, many years of work, and many of the adults out there are still “works in progress” and many other NEVER make it to the finishing lines after they’d become parents and lived ’til the end…

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