Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Aurora Phoenix/Dangerous Seduction

My submission for Braveandreckless’ “Moon Ate the Dark” writing challenge. Thanks for the great opportunity!

Brave & Reckless

The dark calls

with many hungered tongues

its asymmetrical seduction

sweeps and keeps

me off my feet

Dark is a sensual vampire

summoning in a sublingual murmur

caressing abashed tresses

kissing with fangs hidden

until my neck is bared

Dark, the spellbinding wizard

mouths against my breast

in verses near liturgical

with sorcery of velvet

it unwinds my breath

Dark, a crafty conjurer

slips beneath my skin

beguiling inner opening

with falsity prophetic

it curls around my core

Dark, the deft magician

lures my parched soul

deftly eats defenses

I inhale deep infinity

trembling toward submission

Dark plays me, fiddle-like

tempts of little deaths

bridge bowed and back arched

I hover near oblivion

beyond its gaping maw

Moon arises silvery

softly wise and cool

illuminates dark’s perfidy

the end of sanity

bewitchment of sweet release

The dark wanted

to make love to me

it argued an enticing case

the moon…

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10 thoughts on “Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Aurora Phoenix/Dangerous Seduction

      1. Like… that was amazing and stunning and kind of rendered me speechless. (And my comment over at Brave and Reckless is awaiting moderation.)

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