Desk Jockey

daily I ride

the hard-muscled back

of this desk

with the flogging determination

of a thoroughbred

down the Derby’s backstretch

as if I were shrunk

to half my size

and had thighs of tensile steel

committedly I straddle

wheels of invisible progress

flying blindly around curves

at Autobahn speeds

pushing past limits,

self and other imposed

spinning the survivalist grit

besting Tour de France

pre-doping scandal style

endlessly I wrap

my future around this computer

as I would my hairy

arms around your neck

sliming my banana munch

in your ears, screeching

episodically hurling feces

Doppelganger of that monkey

you can’t get off your back

earnestly I mount

shabby wheeled Naugahyde

seeking satisfaction

in the arms

of a careworn lover

together we stroke

old familiar rhythms

grinding toward temporary

oblivion in sweet release

(artist: unknown)


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