With Starlight for Dessert

Spontaneous collaboration, compiled from comments, with the ridiculously brilliant Ward Clever.

We’ve been eating word salad

With obfuscation vinaigrette

At a table set with bewilderment

In a confuse booth

With the daze de resistance

And an after-dinner cafe misto-fied

Will we ever get our just desserts?


He set it up

And she fell for it

He caught her just in time

Buckling his legs

Stopping them both at the last second, with a wink

She swoons, overcome with giggling

He gently lifts her to her feet,

And with his smile promises

He’ll never let her fall

She hesitates…..smiles in return

Arm in arm, they go off to look for champagne

Since they are feeling bubbly

And effervescent

They toast in silly self reference

Giggling at everything, the bubbles tickling their noses

Sipping tendriled wisps of joy

In due course

In the afters

Before the accomplish mints

Under the nightcap

After the happy spirits set in

Until the dawn breaks fast

And what passed between dusk and dawn had absolutely no leftovers

They were just picking up crumbs

Having devoured one another entirely

Hungers satisfied for the moment

Until the next elegant banquet

She sighs

He closes his eyes and smiles

Sleep drifts in contentedly

Dreams are undertones of happiness

Symphonic in the afterglow

Soothing in the epiphany

They offer each other refreshment

Warm feelings, like blankets before a fire

Comfort to the soul, in a glance or the slightest touch

Invisible sparks tingle, energizing happiness

Alighting aloft, new stars in the sky

They wish upon themselves immediately

Breathing life into future joys

Giving form to future smiles

Tattoing hope into their hearts

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