It’s Just Beachy

let’s go for a stroll

on the beach

a seashell hunting wander

rays will toast our shoulders

waves waylay sandy feet

we feel no need for conversation

this sultry afternoon

I hunt rainbows in fragments

shining, in ripples underneath

surf crests unpredictably

while fingers are hungrily hunting

knocks me off my feet

spray drenches face and eyes

you help me aright

eyes crinkled in playful laughter

as another swell ambushes

tugs bikini askew

giggling erupts anew

we’ll hush in solemn study

of sandpipers’ scurry

focused, as my camera

on impressive zig-zag flurry

in dart and dash and scuttle

leave scant footprints

bright breasted memory imprint

we’ll ramble along the shoreline

across the afternoon

drizzled in amber rays

refreshed with blue-limned breezes

as the sun descends

stretching scarlet starbursts

toward horizon

sky and water merge

in pomegranate amethyst finale

we amble home, contented

your pockets overflowing

as our senses, loaded

with collected bits

of priceless treasure




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