Moment by Moment

in the darkest days

she disbelieved

in the possibility of smiles

that future laughs

would shake her ribs

take her breath away

nor would she permit

the notion that she should

break the shackles

binding her to guilt’s

ball and chain

she had doubted

in the potential reconstruction

of a life beyond existence

worthy of enthusiasm

energy or zest

in those days of torment

she had disavowed the promise

thrust at her, in good faith

that bonds torn and frayed

could, in time

with patient perseverance

be re-knit in colors vibrant

incorporating her

where once she was ripped out


today she laughed

spontaneous, authentic

while dancing barefoot in the grass

to son’s retro music mix

today she was true mother

to moments of meltdown

steady at the ready

cherished role returned

in moments interwoven

unmarked, unplanned


she lays a few more bricks

in her own reconstruction


(artist: unknown)

13 thoughts on “Moment by Moment

      1. Mine are 24 and 25 and are a few of the only people on earth who make me forget everything else. And lots of laughing happens when we’re together. Your poem is so true… it helps to build ourselves back up. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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