A Footfall Question

come walk with me

on the dunes

could you,

would you dare?

no stroll here

for fainthearted

I am chockfull of resolve

in nearly every weather

bursting with conviction

I toe barely any lines

this excursion a mission

exercise in self-determination

each climb scaled

a peak in confidence

every descent a milestone

I hope you will accompany me

I’d love the company

though my pace

may not proclaim it

I keep on charging onward

while feet slow, sink-sliding

scaling sandy heights

silent crowing on each crown

short of breath

and stubborn-striding

I never pause for long

you may wish to reconsider

if you join me on this trek

my quest may be misguided

or leave us both a wreck

windswept dogged footfalls

falter, stagger on

persistence swells undaunted

in search of hard-fought shores

I am fierce, goal-driven

or are my demons driving

this hardscrabble pursuit

the grit between my teeth

rubbing among my toes

echoes that of spirit

surviving deep travails

I would imagine

you slow, skeptical

of the wisdom of this journey

I can’t blame you

in the least, as I

don’t know how to saunter, yet

I would love your company

if you would walk with me



4 thoughts on “A Footfall Question

  1. Sounds you’re already set up on the individual not coming with you on your journeys, and we should not make any assumptions on how others may react to our behaviors, because, these assumptions are usually based off of OUR interpretations of others’ behaviors, which are almost, NEVER correct!

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