To Hitchhike on the Moon

she hitched a ride

on a moonbeam

it knocked upon her wishes

in silent shimmering summons

promising exotic adventure

if she but climbed aboard

she acquiesced, instinct akimbo

sung in somnolent nodding

threading wistful fingers

through diaphanous tendrils

she clambered silken

evanescent rungs

woven mythological

and heaved herself on deck

denuded of earthly woes

she floated weight- and effort-less

nestled among silvery strands

traversing sea-studded starscapes

shining in unison

she soaked in heavenly whirlpool

oiled of Astraeal balms

sipping enchanted elixir

dusted with glittering brilliance

she drifted on her moonbeam

wafting o’er Elysium

gathering infusions of stardust

for future potent potions

she absorbed ancient secrets

of all heavenly bodies

draped across her

warm and glistening

ethereally satin sheened

as she fluttered

sated, homeward

she sprinkled cerulean moondust

upon all hearts wounded or sore



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