On (S)mothering, from birds

mama robin’s scolding

bold, protective and persistent

removed, a flight, from nestlings

tweets universal maternal quandary

how close is close enough

supportive and unsmothering

what distance is sufficient

grants independent flight

observant of their liftoff

glides with watchful winging

she warms them from her core

downy with fine-tuned essence

nudges them aloft

despite timid trebling

warbling with temerity

overcoating apprehension

fledglings falter woozily

soar dizzy-heighted, heedless

of foes or feinting hazards

mama maintains her perch

alert and vocal sentry

awaits their safe return


2 thoughts on “On (S)mothering, from birds

  1. It’s sometimes, really hard, to find that balance between holding on and letting go, in the case of parenting, however, you just have to release your own young, trusting, that they will be, wherever they’re supposed to be in life. .

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