39 thoughts on “Trigger Tanka

      1. Not deterministic. Necessarily. I think there is a default state, and an action state. Put another way, something is destined to happen, but we can act and exert our own will on events to get closer to what we want.

        Put another way, I think both fate and free will exist.

        One might argue it’s all free will – you choose to act or not act. Or that it’s all determined – your choice to act or not is preordained. That’s a rabbit hole. meh

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      2. There was this show my sons used to watch called Angry Beavers, one of those shows that had something for grownups too.

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      3. I don’t know when the Backyardigans made their TV debut, but I know they were all over the TVs ten years ago. So many of my muffins at the muffin house (the hospital where I worked – and yes, I was reprimanded for calling them “muffins”. Because gasp! “What if a parent heard you say that?” Oh, I’m sorry. I thought we were in the business of saving lives, not nit picking tiny things, but I’m not a parent. Maybe this IS offensive??) watched it.

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  1. It’s not right, when you feel, that your body isn’t yours anymore, due to whatever’s happened to you in the past, and, it’s, a very long process, to reclaim the ownerships of our own bodies as ours again, but, if you work on yourself every single day, then, your body will one day, be only yours, and nobody else’s!

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