with a new lover

invariably involves

comparing of scars

childhood mishaps

in shiny white relief

on forehead, knees and shins

color in early chapters

adulting misadventures

cicatrixed upon hands, arms

character sketch

in smudged charcoal

faded surgical lines


in place of angry red

chronicle a life inhabited

with accidents or infirmities


we disclose our pockmarks

fingertracing the defects

as we murmur

to each other’s skins

narrating full-lived lives

connecting dots

on a sensory treasure map

yet neglect to mention

fissures in our hearts

gashes in our souls

that bleed on contact






8 thoughts on “Scars

  1. Depending on the course of the relationship one type of scars is mentioned before the other…I love how you took a sensual but light exploration of the lovers’ bodies to contrast with the secrets they are not ready to share: the inside & unhealed scars. That works on so many levels!!!!

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