The Confession

(inspired by a post by Kindra M. Austin at Blood Into Ink– thanks for the inspiration!)

Father, I have a confession

Yes, my child

It’s been 32 years since my last confession

Holy crap woman, where have you been?

I have been in recovery

from my Catholicism

sometimes I relapse

and feel guilty

about everything

I don’t understand, my child

Recovery from Catholicism

Is this some new hip expression?

Nevermind, Father

I need to make my confession

my soul has been in torment

yes, my child

confess and repent

and your sins will be forgiven

well, Father

I like sex

not just like I like clean clothes

I mean I have screaming orgasms

(the louder the better)

You say you like sex?

Well that is not a sin, my child

As long as it is with your lawfully wedded husband

Father, I have not been married

in a very long time

now I did enjoy

connubial relations

during those times

we were getting along

yes, my child

that is as it should be

a wife surrendering herself to her husband

body and soul

Father, that is sexist subjugation

But back to my confession

my full appreciation

for sex blossomed

upon falling in love

with a woman

a woman, you say

now I understand, my child

that is indeed a sin

no, Father, love is never a sin

and in that love

I discovered

depths of passion

heretofore hidden from me

it was heavenly

Blasphemy child!

You cannot conflate

that abomination

With heavenly attributes

Father I must say

you are quickly curing

my relapse into

guilt-laden realms

please let me finish

of course my child

I am ready to absolve you

Of all your sins

I am now owning

the fullness of my sexuality

whether my lover

be male or female

I direct my passion

enjoy every moment

of blissful oblivion


my child

if you do not admit guilt

I cannot absolve you

Of these heinous sins

Yes, Father, I know

none of these actions

are sinful

I don’t require

your absolution


18 thoughts on “The Confession

    1. Thank you 🙂 as is often the case with your comments you find more depth than I necessarily had intended at least on a conscious level 🙂 you make it sound so literary when in my head it was a rant 🙂 and I have yet to be struck down by a bolt from above so that’s also a good thing

      Liked by 1 person

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