Boxed In

in a society obsessed

with boxes

we lost ourselves

in the boxing

and unboxing

of where we fit

and didn’t

within ourselves

each other

and this judging world


the boxes fell upon us


no such address

return to sender

all stickered, stamped

and labeled

waiting for UPS

to pick us up

and deliver

as if authenticity

were an address

the post office

cannot find


if only

we could have

delivered ourselves


our love became nested

deep inside matryoshkas

a tiny hard babushka

buried deep inside personas

public reserve

shellacking over

private passion

dolls, un-womanly

wooden and distorted


my heated curves

and sharp edges

don’t fare well

in boxes


I was punch drunk

in the corner

from all this

boxing ourselves in

I cracked

knocked things over

I meant

to tear off labels

break down

confining boxes


I tore

your heart out

broke the back

of our love


I wanted to love you


now I don’t get

to love you at all






8 thoughts on “Boxed In

  1. So very true.

    While I DO know the true meaning of Boxing Day on the 26th of December, this kind of makes me want to “un-celebrate” that day somehow. Burn the boxes. Leave the stuff out for all the world to see.

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