Independence Days

hotdogs and beer

pool parties and fireworks

sweaty summer afternoons

nights steamy or chilled


incongruous connections

to freedom


hotdogs do not

equalize privilege

among citizens

just stomaches


beer certifies

the ludicrosity

of belief

in inalienable rights


striving for our birthrights

of upwardly mobile

hearty grain fed

prosperous equality

we spark

brilliant and fiery

pop pop pop


your sons and daughters

sisters and brothers

lovers and frenemies

crane their necks

behind barred windows

contorting for a glimpse

of light

glittery sparkling


they eat hotdogs

boiled and dried out

tripling as holiday fare

haute cuisine


multiple bangs

for your buck


they dare not


of cool pool dips

while showering



naked and afraid


they swagger

with bravado

walking gauntlets


dustups, scuffles

tortuous assault

do not scar

when they alight

wayward sparks

night after night

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