Restaurant Scenes

childhood trio

now young career women

dinner dressed and splurging

decadent courses

wine flows copiously

among the storied laughs

warmth emanates

burbling from our table


jarringly adjacent

he vocally hurls

jagged knives

at his companion

louder, escalating

accusing and berating

her dinner fare

horn of shame

served with a side of tears


the poison darts

pierce our joyful repast

dish up outraged



warrior spirited

we scheme in whispers

rescue on our minds

her danger palpable

this tearful damsel

I slip from my seat

follow rest-room bound

waiter enlisted

in delay tactics


brashly accosting

I fervently tell her

all the messages

you have the right to be safe

you do not deserve this

there are people who will help

we can call someone for you

I am worried for your safety

she listens and nods

minimizes her risk

it’ll be better when he sobers up

he’s not always like this

not quite saying

it’s too overwhelming for me

to process your strange intrusion

I’ll go home with him

It’s what I know how to do


decades later

I feel the urgency

of failed mission

I wonder

if she ever


her warrior self


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