Pillow Talk

in the night

they tickle my earlobes

murmurs nearly lost

among the thumping

pulse of heartbeat

echoed against my pillow


burrowed in hypnagognia

they whisper

amidst my hair

parting wisps

strewn tousled

across neck and brow


swirling technicolor

they flit and spin

brilliant neon blurred

bump against

grey matter

tracing bones


elusive temptresses

trail softly

upon my frayed edges

hint at promised soothing

seduce my interest

float ethereal



on waking

verses disperse



46 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. “words are fickle lovers” – definitely.

    mine come prancing about, romancing me, while i’m in the shower… it infuriates me beyond belief because they KNOW i cannot write down what they’re telling me with shampoo in my eyes and razors in my hands! the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day, my brain produces nothing but images of bananas, donuts, and socks.

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      1. I HATE that shit. I even try to give myself prompts so I’ll remember. “Okay brain… so tomorrow when you’re putting on your shirt, you’ll remember the idea you had that is definitely the cure for cancer.”

        Next day, putting on shirt: “Oh yeah! My thoughts last night… what were they about? No no. Applesauce? No.. teeth. Bricks – I figured out a new way to construct brick No… applesauce. I think it was definitely about applesauce. But i don’t know what about it. What about applesauce????!”

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    1. I really kind of need Mr. C to “OK Whew!” this also because I’m afraid he thinks I want him dead. And I’m hoping he understands I don’t. Can we all do an “OK Whew!” here? Everyone? πŸ˜‰

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