Silent Infestations

when we whisper

in the naming

of agony

we birth cockroaches

that scuttle through the walls

dropping diseased


on our plates

while we sleep


when we hide

our wounds

under brightly painted

smiling rugs

we are sweeping vermin

into our abodes

incubating infestations

that crawl


our naked limbs


when we camouflage

our trauma

dress it prettily

as over-reacting

lacy concoctions

hysterical feminine

leather wiles

we breed amanita

brilliantly toxic


upon which we

perch daintly

ankles crossed


when we function



the rocks

upon which

legions lean

or clean

their dirty boots

day after burdensome day

we step over

rancid feces


on our thresholds

strewn across our hearths



scamper off






19 thoughts on “Silent Infestations

  1. Very well stated, but, sometimes, the wounds we carried are just, too immensely painful, too numerous, that they’d, overwhelmed us too much so, that we can’t cope, and that, is why, we resorted to these, passive measures of coping with them, sweeping them under the rug, not realizing that there are, direr long-term consequences to the way we’d coped with them until it’s too late…

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    1. I believe we cope as best we can certainly. Sometimes that is silently for a while
      I also believe when we can move past that, with support and love, we will increase healing


  2. I used to think I was good at playing with words, but the way you monopolize them is just incredible.
    Stunning work,

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