Warrior Weary

this breastplate

ironclad cover o’er

ferociously beating

scarred and mending heart

grows burdensome

weighting my wending ways

my shield

hammered protector

fending off thrusts

of javelin or sword

forged in blood and tears

curtails lacerations

bows burdened shoulders

this sword

forged in fires

of smelted self

brandishes fortitude

in mortal offensives

wards off assaults

strains tender limbs

I long to lay down

my nicked chainmail

dented armor

lighten heavy heart

saunter undefended

bare of foot and limb

lift my face to the sun

forward through my days


9 thoughts on “Warrior Weary

  1. This poem is perfection personified.<3
    Reminds me of my all-time favourite poem.

    "Herr God, Herr Lucifer,
    Beware Beware
    Out of the ash
    I rise with my red hair
    And I eat men like air."

    Liked by 1 person

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