Plush Shaped Demons

my demons have no horns

pierce me not

with blazing orbs of fury

they poke and prod me

with solemn countenances

ringlet-framed cherubic

as they whisper


of your needs

most urgent

these imps are cloaked not

in capes of flaming scarlet

trimmed in darkest

black of heart

they are draped

in robes of softest plush

comfort wrapped

to your touch

infinitely reversible

in an endless palette

of all your favorite colors

the succubi

ensconced on my shoulders

bombard me not

with shrieking

shrill and blaring

my ears split not

they whisper


sweet nothings

hymns of virtuous self-sacrifice

in service

to your eternal happiness


beyond the horizon

these djinn

who visit night and day

lead me not to temptation

greed, lust or gluttony

they set fire to my soul

smoldering with your pain

I immerse myself

in waters deep


drowning myself

as I swim miles

against the undertow

to rescue you




7 thoughts on “Plush Shaped Demons

  1. Yes, Vanessa is right on. Demons don’t hurt us with horns, or even with words. They hurt us by tricking us into hurting ourselves.

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