Return of Resilience

she had been dragged in

kicking and screaming

except there could be

no kicking

as shackles

chewed bare ankles

masticating manacles

the screaming

guttural and earsplitting

was silent

in her bursted breast

as the system

stove in her voice

blunt force trauma


having survived

grievous psychic


she crawled out


though the crawling

was an upright stride

firm and purposeful

on legs jellied

and the whimpering


noxious gelatinous goo

from clogged pores

while lips pursed

steadfast silence

exiting exhausted

she trailed

shards of shattered dignity

bread crumbs of stale hope

as an afterword

she stepped back in

invited and trepidatious


testament to tenacious

surreptitious survival


systemic degradation

to imperative encouragement


inside out








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