Failed History Lesson

equivocation nation
quibbles querulous
debating shades of enmity
equation of planful imprecation
with organic antagonized proliferation
refusal to rebuke a duke
racism robed and hater crowned
cowardice suits itself
scotch-taped self-admiration
blood drop power imitation
burning cross crested
malevolent aggrandization
violence gorges on exaltation
carrion scavenges in recapitulation
in vociferous condemnation
of virulent abomination
do I risk contamination?
bathing in noxious execration
inching toward hostile assimilation
paper doll cuts of peroration
I check my hate
at conversations’ gate
in quiet contemplation
color Mandela’s mandala
circle toward
hope’s rejuvenation



8 thoughts on “Failed History Lesson

      1. It reminded me of pieces I wrote which just flew into the ink before I myself could even make sense of the words I had written. Like I had lived a different life at a different time and that very moment something came through these veils of centuries. Very weird but looking at the finished piece – remarkable. Absolutely remarkable!

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      2. Yes that is an amazing experience. I love this comment. Save it an incorporate it into something 😉 .
        Sometimes I write something and think “eh. It’s ok” and later I read it and can’t even believe it wrote it

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