Mine to Tell


your most shameful moments

those chapters of your life

you don’t re-read

even under the covers

late at night

with the flashlight

you were admonished

to extinguish

hours ago

before your eyelids

dredged the shore for sand

those grainy scenes

captured by a drunken


tripping backward through the mist

overlaid discordant

dissonant minor chords

if you chance upon

a split-second replay

your skin crawls

bowels churn

hair stands on end


now imagine

the sensationalized trailer

clipped disjointed


picture the tabloid cover

lurid misrepresentation

where you dined

cannibalistic taloned

simultaneously vicious


stereotypically weak female


I eschew


of my autobiography



of portraits

for which I never posed


I have swallowed the bile

cleansed grit from my eyes

with the flow of copious tears

flattened hairs

under vigorous

warm my own arms


I claim the rights

file the copyright

to my own tales


I am a warrior, yes

I have been wounded yet

I shed no blood

I courageously wield

my tremulous words











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