your fingers

on my spine

move no planchette

summon no spirits

writ in alphabet soup

the tingles

you trigger

are not hair-raising

in your arms

I warm

to the notion

of my resurrected



synaptic lapses

spectral cortical spasms

float ghosts

unchained and rattling

silent condemnations


my jellied brains

phantasmal spook



trailing chilled irons

clanking against composure


eyes prised wide

locked upon

tawny mirrorings

tether myself

to this moment



in coveted communion

I banish

badly behaved banshees

shrieking sprites


my ghosts

9 thoughts on “Exorcising

      1. Memories will alway be there inside our minds, but with time, we’re able to, let them go, and thus, they’d stopped, having such strong control over us, just give it time, but you still can’t just, rely on solely time, to wipe away the pains of that lost love, you still need to work hard, to get over that!


  1. Beautiful and longing, AP. I love your wordplay. This reads like the first part happened to cause the other two parts to end, and you to find peace. The touch reminded you of love and compassion. That’s my take, anyway.

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