Failed Ally: Open Letter to American Justice

Dear Lady Justice,

you wear your blindfold

for all to see

yet we remain oblivious

to your captivity

you are sculpted

in suffocating folds

of regal complicity

to values perverted


by power-deranged


I apologize

I was incognizant

bemused by my inculcation

ignorant of your

hostage situation

Do your bindings

cover tears

cover your ears

drown out the screams

echoing cinderblock


Are you forced

to nod acquiescence

as we were facing

the business end

nozzle of power

and oppression?

Do they you force

you to your knees


while WASPish lawmen

fondle their pieces

fingering triggers

in rabid self-gratification?

Do you tremble

with traumatic


at every gavel

pounding hypocritical



I respectfully

submit my regretful

subjugated resignation

I misdiagnosed

your symptoms

of rampant


I was remiss

utterly missed


Stockholm Syndrome


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