Mythology in Office

quixotic Don

tilts at windmills

believing them oil rigs

ripe for the picking

of greedy grubby fingers

stealthy siphoning

he fingers his gold

pill rolling

as Uncle Scrooge

if it walks like a duck

it’s probably McDuck

crotchety dotard

unworthy to doff

Cratchit’s threadbare seams


chimerical don

sultan of obstreperous sulk


tumescent interregnum

cloaked in silken suits

wormed from the emperor

brand spanking new

off his back

not the rack

cataclysmic closure

Artful Dodger of the deal


delusive don

beleaguered Ahab


by a whale of a tail

epic of Dickensian

magnetic magnitude

hurls harpoons

into the best of times

curves the whalebone

bedeviled in the details

tilts at the windmills

fanning the flames

consuming coal

blanketing the world

in suffocating ash

Sancho Panza


in final desperation

the world


on its axis

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