Draught of Deception

drink deeply, my people

of my disseminated dedication

quench your parched throats

with dewy drops

of my delusional devotion

you thirst not

I am cocksure

the crowing cock confirms it

I can see all that water

right there

from my vantage point

here in MAGAland

it’s like Legoland

though less constructive

it’s Disneyland

with a gate fee

of ten thousand per day

no one on earth

is more greatly distressed

over your plight

fabulously resolved

by my greatness

dig in, my peeps

dine with gusto

my brothers from other mothers

(the sisters don’t matter- unless they’re hot)

my genuinosity

shines in my misspoken

cultural appropriation

you can’t go hungry

in a tropical paradise

the chefs in those resorts

steak their reputations

on yuge menus

I know you have food


in the servants’ quarters

you people are shady like that

and don’t forget

that big beautiful piece of cake

I have it on good authority
when those bad and boujee


get all uppity

powerful leaders

let them eat cake






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