Tribulation Triangle

I am parked in this park

off-road and overridden

under the hazy cumulus

windswept culmination

of my derailed destination.

my off-ramp missed

draped in willowy snakeheads

hissing fiery condemnation

spitting biblical acid

between my eyes,

upon my soul.

jalopy jacked

and history heisted

I scramble among the joists

of the drunken calliope


maniacal nursery rhymes

sing-along sung

by we misfit toys.


decontextualize the context

strip the curves

and flatten the convex

meanings from my torment.

misread my intentions

brand my art graffiti


on your whitewashed


stamp “defective”

on my existence

while I sweat, laborious

laying the rough-hewn pavers

deconstructing history

reconstructing mystery

step by dusty step

  • follow me!


  • do you dare follow?

our red brick road

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