proud flag-bearers

of the moral majority

hanging on tensile strength

of dubious

self-assigned superiority

curb stomp

the different

those who march

to off-key drum beats.

meanwhile, those of

corrupted meliority

diddle young girls

(they say it’s the cat with the fiddle)

under the purview

of their reeking



now who jumps

over the moon?




Head Winds

winds of change blew arctic

stultifying waxing moons

forward motion frozen

afore Siberian gusts

existence benumbed

impatient glaciating

seeds of survival



debugged, deloused


no germ

she germinates

tenacious tendrils


poke purslane pink


into time and tempest


when mother Gaia

can swallow no more

spilled blood from offspring

of her ravaged womb

and the hail

of bullets

riddles consciousness

until we are inured

to horror

while Big Pharma

and the NRA

slurp the gore

calamity as morning coffee

tooth their gold

and pocket our futures

her grief breaches

banks of comprehension

heavens torrent

flood commences


‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’: A Shield Maiden Collaboration

Another piece by the Shield Maidens. This one on Sudden Denouement. I am so honored to be able to write with this powerful group of women.

Sudden Denouement Collective


Her words, her will, her worth
Trampled and trodden
But for her
Flickering light
Fueled by ferocity
Molded with might
Courage compiled
Resilience reconciled
Wolves wryly grin
Circling again
Nevertheless, she persisted


Christine Ray

She was told little girls
should be seen, not heard
but silence was suffocating
truth twisted in her stomach
razor sharp
when her voice finally rose
from a whisper
to a roar
they tried to drown her out
their indignation a cacophony
Nevertheless, she persisted


Aurora Phoenix

her initial protestations
propelled by burning bile
bubbling pique
in a voice squeaky
with disuse
were dubbed whining
she scrubbed corrosion
from rusted tongue
flexed, strengthening
articulate exclamation
they proclaimed her
nevertheless, she persisted


Kindra M. Austin

Disregard your heart, they said
Faith is for the fools
Chasing gold; bold are the weak
Dream seekers
Dreams don’t raise children
Nevertheless, she persisted

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Forged of Flame: A Shield Maiden Battle Song

My latest collaboration with my fiercely talented warrior sisters. Thank you Kindra for inviting us to your conflagration!

Blood Into Ink

valkyrie(Kindra M. Austin)

The fire that whelms me does   

not consume; for it is mine


I do control inferno,

a blood-borne lust to conquer


Here you come with buckets of water,

and a head distended with ego

convinced I’m a woman in distress

The fire that whelms me does

not consume; for it is mine


my defense mechanism,

desire to live forged in


Shield Maiden calls for no goddamned man 

(Aurora Phoenix)

these flames that fence me

char me not

they are the hungering tongues

of my animus

I spark them


feeding them on

the oxygen of my outrage

when the world crushes

upon me

you hasten forward

all suited up

toting your much touted hose

as if your stream

could touch these flames

these flames that fence me

char me not

they are the hungering tongues

of my animus

I fan them


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