Guest Barista Aurora Phoenix- Yellow Wink

My most recent guest piece on Go Dog Go Cafe. Be sure to check out all their fabulous work!

Go Dog Go Café

Boldly emerging amongst deepening green

Smattering of golden yellow heads

Universal springtime assertion

Nature’s resistance to human control

Butter-topped toy for childhood

Innocent playful exuberance

Source of sighs, exasperated

Beseiging lawns, gardens cultivated

Fuel of back-breaking hours

Battling, extracting, removing

Brilliant sun-mirrored reminder

Flourishing in face of

Persistent annihilative efforts

Dandelions wink possibilities.

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

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Captive Freckles – Sarah Doughty and Aurora Phoenix

My new collaborative piece with the amazing Sarah Doughty is up on Whisper and the Roar today. Be sure to check out all of the other amazing writing!

Whisper and the Roar

There was something about the way her freckled cheeks turned red that caught my attention. I wondered what made her blush. If it was something I said, or something that crossed her mind. It made the green of her eyes brighten like dew tickling grass on a warm summer morning.

suffused with roses
her emerald gaze
drew inward
coppery lashes lowered
demure veils
obscuring the windows
into her inner fracas.
her cheeks scrawl a chapter
in a language
I studied once –
long since forgot.
I scrabble
the freckled pattern –
cues to the lost tongue.

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she was conscripted

by poetry

with every scrivening

of her pen-scratched



shackled themselves

to her

constricting the strictures

as they fought

to tighten the binds

of oft-perverted



became her playmates

soulfully aerating

idiotic power structures.


morphed into her

sister circle

stepping into places

vacated by contrary

comrades of old.

elocution of locution


to stand her erect

when her soul slumped

under weight

of foreshortened futures

penned pictures.

fluid diction

fluency of phraseology

swum her upstream

against the winnowing tide.

among the buffeted

displaced translucent minnows

she discovers

radiant rainbowed iridescence

sister outlaw poets


swallowing the stream

as they author

their revitalization

Subterranean Novellas – Aurora Phoenix

My latest piece on Sudden Denouement. As always, I am honored to write among such a talented group.

Sudden Denouement Collective

he is sleeping
fetally curled
as the narrow bench allows
hairily bedraggled
a forlorn green bean
hopelessly lost in a crisper corner.
insensible to the hubbub
lurch oblivious
sea legs unconscious.
his story has uncracked bindings
though I inescapably
draft this chapter
unimaginatively entitled
survival strategies for bitter blustery days

they wear their privilege
like their pancake
precisely overdone
accentuating blemishes
it purports to mask.
like spanx in overtime
containing wayward bulges
they convulse in paroxysms
suppressed schoolgirl giggles
as they selfie mock him –
these southern belles
similarly lionizing
life’s half century
in the city
that will never sleep

do I,
in the crushed velvet burnout
that is my poetic soul,
bear closer resemblance
to an urban misfit
escaping frigidity
cloaked in congealed
eau de shame
than I do
the pungently judging
glam squad clique
clicking and cackling
in cringe-worthy
mean girl couture?

I hope,
fervently as…

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man winter

in classic reaction formation

howls momentousness

in bursts of white-out


as if the frigid flakes

spit against our cheeks

in transparent guerrilla


may obscure

by soundful shrieking

the patent insignificance

of limp and shrinking


All in a Day’s Work

I am weighing in

on matters of weight

and consequence

I measure my words

for breadth and depth

pour them forth

in tones of equal measure

passionate and restrained.

he hears a waspish

background buzz

drowned under

the squelching

of my sopping pudenda

as he pounds,

pounds and pounds.

I see

his erroneous prerogative

in his delusional


interpretation –

conjuring a mirage,

a wet and shimmering


beckoning his thirst,

begging for repetitive


dry as the Sahara

I burn his retinas

with the unrelenting


of my rejecting stare,


assertations of import

steadfastly comport


above (his) sea level