Tale as Old as Time


eschew the literati

chewing, as they do

the fat

that was siphoned off

(not their lips

stiff or upper)

and plumps

out the lines

that were drawn

pensive or cogitative

in the lottery.

you know the one –

your soul spins



via stork or in vitro

into privilege

silver spoon mouthing

or abjectly

into poverty.

you are imbued

of a body


conceivably ill-fitting,

incognizant of

your track-side


right side,

you are fed

constant limpid

liquid protein

self-congratulatory myths


populated with bootstraps

veni, vidi, vici.

wrong side,

you race


to stay one step ahead

of that crushing 8 ball.

you are the star pupil

in the school of hard knocks

and the research fellow

a font of lifelong


steeped in data on the

ubiquity of inequity

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