Americana, 2018

the starvation of a nation


palpable and pulsating

in direct proportion

  • inverted, perversion –

to gelatinous girths

and hours marinating

in the blue-ing mind-suck


of that tube.

the one that tells you

(while it sells you)

of your fortune to be found

in the loss of every pound

that was packed on

in the purchase

hook, line and sinker

of the pre-packaged packaging.

sport this brand

name of fallacious

phantasmagoric fantasy

and watch your worth soar

while doubts dissipate

dissolved in hydrochloric

as you consume.


Narnian nirvana

flash fried with your drive thru

once upon a dinner.


reality pureed and spoon fed

in an internet WiFi IV

drip, drip, drip.


encapsulated hypocrisy

gastronomic gall

panacea, poison or placebo

pop another pill.


the depravity of deprivation

endemic epistemic


slurps Kant

with cream and sugar

throws back Locke in a jello shot

2 for a dollar

on the value menu

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