Hermit’s Opus


I scuttled under the shelter

of your callused palm

  • unrefined refuge

from a world coarser still.

I huddle within

the shell of your touch.

whorls of embrace

ward off predatory

claws while calamitous


run off my back.

no fenestrated gazebo

is more elegant shelter

than barnacle encrusted

briny whole hull

of you.


(art by Catalin Precup)

Americana, 2018

the starvation of a nation


palpable and pulsating

in direct proportion

  • inverted, perversion –

to gelatinous girths

and hours marinating

in the blue-ing mind-suck


of that tube.

the one that tells you

(while it sells you)

of your fortune to be found

in the loss of every pound

that was packed on

in the purchase

hook, line and sinker

of the pre-packaged packaging.

sport this brand

name of fallacious

phantasmagoric fantasy

and watch your worth soar

while doubts dissipate

dissolved in hydrochloric

as you consume.


Narnian nirvana

flash fried with your drive thru

once upon a dinner.


reality pureed and spoon fed

in an internet WiFi IV

drip, drip, drip.


encapsulated hypocrisy

gastronomic gall

panacea, poison or placebo

pop another pill.


the depravity of deprivation

endemic epistemic


slurps Kant

with cream and sugar

throws back Locke in a jello shot

2 for a dollar

on the value menu

Guest Barista Aurora Phoenix-Sunset Sundae

My latest guest feature at the Go Dog Go cafe. Don’t forget to check out all of their confections 🙂

Go Dog Go Café

Strawberry apricot marmalade

Smeared butter knife slathers

Thickly coating tree trunks

Watered down dredges blend

Sugar milky clouds

Deliciously soaking the sky

Inviting hungry eyes

Lick the day good night.

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

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Mammarian Herstory


remember those days of cocksure adolescence?

drawn on drawling

rowdy Maybelline insouciance

when we guzzled from the trough

of soured milk cooption.

we tugged clingy dress outrage

o’er demure plaid skirted unease

spouting misogynist invectives

in misbegotten self-defense

“suck my left tit!”

as if sacrificing the sanctity

of one safeguarded

the other from prying

eyes or sticky fingers.


how had the left


to be lamb led

slaughter side?

as we harnessed

encephalitic fevers

hormone jittery fed

and strutted, teetering

in our stiletto’d nonchalance

incapable of appreciative

mirror self-study.


these mammaries

they have nourished

hungry babes

soothed broken hearts

and fired thirsty fantasies.

what they may lack

in perk they heft

in earned respect.


trust, today

if I offer

left OR right

in comfort, tear-absorbing

or for quenching

alternate blazes

I expect dignity


with venerated


A Picture, or 1000 Words?

when you paint me

will I flow from your brush

cerulean and magenta profusions

my intimate sins

bleeding O’Keeffe’s rainbows

stunning explosions

across your pages?

or will you sketch me

in botanic taxonomy

skunk cabbage petals

heavy with heat crimp

pinned and labeled

for methodical scrutiny?


you buzz about my petals

alight instinctive



I anticipate your sting

Guest Barista Aurora Phoenix-Cool-tinted

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe kindly featured this piece today.
Stop by and sip some warm thoughts with them.

Go Dog Go Café

Cool-tinted breezes beguile her

Kiss her cheeks with braid-released tendrils

Gently flutter loose-hanging shirt

Waft relief to exertion’s perspiration

Whisper blissful counterpoint

To sun’s glowing caress

Paint her skin soulfully free

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

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