Unwritten Best Sellers

Daylily’s Suitcase

Armadillo Gutpunch

Serpentine Anecdotes

Mad Hatter and the Tortoise

Sarcasm Resurrected

Of Exhaust and Peonies

Bread, Milk and Chicklets

Gnawing Midnight

The Groupie (and other Positions)

Go Postal, Cyclops

Anhydrous Apocalypse

Quasimodo’s Massage

Headbutt the Hydra

Eggplant Pinnacles

Carp all Diem Long

 All Toll for the Bikinis

Sari, Not Sari

18 thoughts on “Unwritten Best Sellers

      1. I may shamelessly rip off your idea, or paraphrase it. I hope that’s okay, though being shameless, I probably shouldnt’ care. lol

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