Song for Autumn – Aurora Phoenix

can you hear Gaia sigh as she shakes out her hair and prepares for winter’s nap, shedding her last gaudy cloak in prolonged glory? her jeweled mantle floats to somnolence with the ease of long practice. she bares her breast – audacious – afore the cleansing of Boreas’ howls. do you catch the whisper of […]

Song for Autumn – Aurora Phoenix



do leaves mourn their neighbors
as passions flame out?
pine o’er skeletal plummet
scarlet breathes last to rust
crumbled to prickly dust

or do they celebrate leafy passings?
dance a fluttering jig
as they scuttle limb
flutter earthward fancy
meet crunching destiny

I hear matrilineal whispers
rising amongst wooded footfalls
each rustle communes 
‘twixt my soul and revenants’

do autumnal spirits howl
as harvest shrivels to husks?
bay as mooning coyotes
writhe anguished in fields
barren, stripped of yield 

or mark they these endings
in ecstatic ululations?
cavort, wild and free
circle ends with begins
lament not the cyclic spin

my foremothers caress
hollows of my provenance
brisk autumn breezing
‘tween now and yesteryears