April’s Creativity Prompt Challenge: We Will Not Be Silenced

Join Christine in this challenging and always timely prompt

Brave & Reckless

Just a reminder that for the month of April, I am departing from my normal monthly Creativity Prompt format, and instead, providing one phrase as the prompt for the month: We Will Not Be Silenced. However, I will be offering two different ways to approach the prompt. Feel free to respond in either way, or to respond to both. There is no limit to how many pieces of writing or art you submit for the challenge as long as I receive your submission by April 30th. I will accept previously published pieces of writing or art as long as you retain the rights to this work.

WARNING: Writing and art published on Brave & Reckless during the month of April may be difficult to read at times and could be triggering for those who have lived through sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, harassment, or stalking. Please be…

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