your thumb on my hipbone

gentle yet substantial


sinks arches of us

into the sultry fabric

of the July night

lazy circling caresses

heated friction

loop fractals of demurement

humming unmurmured

through cricketing air

fingertipped claiming

sizzles on contact

neurons whorl and swirl

sensory surround sound

imprints sensual tattoo

where your skin touches mine

Shield Maiden Collaboration: The Burning Bed

Fierce collaboration with my warrior sisters!

Blood Into Ink


memories float about like smoke from a raging wildfire

unsure if I should run or hide

a conflicting desire to hold on and release

breathe in, breathe out

shaking, quaking

I need them to stay

I need them to go

Aurora Phoenix:

chafing of my bondage

sparked a rope burn

it smoldered inside me

tonguing greedily upon my soul

it fed on the fuel of my fears

igniting red-orange on my flesh

licking with scarlet-steel flames

through the cracked parchment

shell of my skin


I think I am supposed to hate this encounter… possibly hate it and me enough to love it.

I don’t know if I need it to stop… or if I just need to see where it will go… the pain is so parallel to my pleasure…

Yet all that I feel is the heat from this burning bed… it’s hot like fire as my…

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As a Matter of Fact

I could grovel

bloody my kneecaps

on the ground glass gravel

at the feet of your high horse

exsanguinate my soul

supplicating droplets

as I plead for your mercy



my knees bare scars

of prior beseechings

today I stride erect

clear of eye and soul

begging no more


I could slay you

well versed

in the dark arts

of rhetorical evisceration

I could skewer you

on the bleak- whetted


of my justifiable rage

slicing you

to blithering ribbons

of steadfast judgment

willful disregard

today I sheath

my wordsmithed sword

weary of bloodbaths

bathed in interminable battle


I stand here

bethorned by mistakes



unadorned with pretense


in the visceral eloquence

of my new-skinned self

you may never

acknowledge my pain

forgive my trespasses

walk into a re-birthed future

I, however,









Wolf in the Family Trees

I have felt the razored barbs

of your teeth before

as they gnawed

on my soft underbelly

rolled upward toward you

in trust

I have heard the steely

bone on bone


as you snarled

beneath a sheeps-clad


I have seen the blazing

possession in red

a glare casting

me, roughly


I have scented out

the rank heat

exhaled through your

flaring nostrils

as you went for

my jugular

I have tasted the hemlock

on my lips

when I absurdly asked

if you remain


Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Bones that Breathe/Aurora Phoenix

My entry for braveandreckless” “I am More than breath and bones” writing challenge

Brave and Reckless

fetally curled


on the concrete floor

I am devolving

gelatinous mass

of aborted malformed



reeking of whimpering

helpless abandonment

as flesh of my humanity

sloughs from my bones

flutter of my waxing


is the invisible beat

of hummingbird wings


succulent nectar

in bejeweled flashes


in the arctic blast

penetrating blizzard

of condemnation

blinded by ruthless

howling villainy

my bronchi spasm

as breath lixiviates

in lengthening gasps

from my blue

asp-bitten lips

death-rattle of my slowed


is the imperceptible trickle

of mountain snowmelt

icy pristine


fomenting spring

my breath calcifies

in a stertorous


while lilies Monet

blue-green o’er

primordial ooze

my bones exhale

anguish of fractured


as a prism

of downy flocks float

on a balmy zephyr

in tenebrous moments

when my soul

hovers on the precipice

of its extinction

the universe


drops ultimata

in every crisp


falling leaf

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