Authoring Angles

you should write a book

they tell me

various perusers

of my life’s

recent chapters.

ever at internal skirmish

diffident plaid skirted


raises head and eyebrows

in self-effacing surprise

shrouding wonderment

beneath a shrug

and a vague maybe someday

while dauntless

badass bitch

square of shoulder

and peg, ill-fitting

of normative round holes

gazes direct

between hard-earned

crows’ feet

barely biting back

damn straight

and everyone

should read it.



I consider

each source

evaluate motivation

feel out

hidden angles

compile subtitles

to my unwritten



not for voyeuristic consumption

I am NOT an object lesson


dare the world


with open eyes

Writing on the Wall

industriously engaged

incrementally acclimating

to professional reincarnation

toes cramping

in too-small shoes

I stretch the binding



wiggle room

wrought of repetitive


titanium work ethic

earn stripes

quietly stitched

easing in seasoned seating

I analyze, problem-solve

process and sign

stare in consternation

trailing my hurried Hancock

scribbled suffixed scrawl

spilled automatic from my pen

yes, those letters

credentials conferring credibility

hard-earned honorary

near indecipherable

as befits a doctor

letters stifled

with honor defamed

letters missing meaning

relevant license lost

my fingers

must be itching

title-claiming twitching

they loosed

hard-scrabble squiggle

no longer invisible ink

my pen tells my brain

I am indeed

value added

no wash out

washed away