scented candles

impersonate lilac’s trademark

perfumed bouquet

dead fish flop

flounder amidships

threadbare, enshrouding

pulsating stench

of her loneliness

lambent flickers

masquerade Joker

maniacal flame

smog bitter

lacerate tented

curtain over the abyss

perfunctory trappings

no more

comfort create

than floorboards blocked

thunderous tell-tale thumping

of guilty heart

*Footnote to self: Phantosmia is indicative of brain lesions

The Story of How Her Life Became a Poem (pt 1, Abridged)

Her life was not always a poem

it was jampacked

intermittently chaotic

sprinkled with impassioned confetti

fundamentally mundane

absent requisite lyrical calling


words were ever-present allies

in retrospect, truer friends

than some cloaked in the mantle


childhood fantasies

of “I want to be famous” vintage

block printed lists

included grandiose authoring notions


attempts were penciled

plots amateurish laboriously penned

creativity doubted

drafts drifted aside


life became frenetic schedules

doctorate, diapers

career, cheerioed car

driven duty and

harried housewife hairdo


writing ambitions


scattered in whirling dervish



in this quest

for balance

for peace

centered equanimity

she finds herself

a Suessian concoction

ping-pong paddle battle

warring weighted


careening down a rollercoaster

in hyperdrive

on Main Street

stretched full elasticity

desired release

hard-fought internal truce

return backhand

smash of righteous rage

anguish undisclosed

set to score

losing placidity

backspun lob

hurt shorts

grace’s resolution


emotive revolution

dispensing amnesty

rocking ride

plummets passivity

serves a comic/cosmic

thumb-nose to


pedantic authority

she lands

perched precarious

on a plank

in the air

up a tree

how can that be?