I Knew My Pain

I knew my pain when it was a screeching


spurting cotton candy carnage

across the feathered heavens

mocking all that is soft and soothing

drawing my gaze

up and up, tearstained

\thundering scarlet refrains\

reverberating clang of your loss.

I knew my pain when it was a snarling


birthed of my rent ventricles

spewing aortic dirges

feasting on festering anguish

\clamorous gluttony\

heartache grew fangs

fueled on midnight howling

and my heart gnawed raw itself.

I knew my pain when it was a stinging


clinging needy-puppy to my shins

\all scratch and scrape reminders\

of the bite that replaced the soul

in the deep chocolate of your iris.

I knew my pain when it was creeping


camouflaged among wistful greening

arisen from the fetid heap

\itching a glitch in my hopeful healing\

tendrils sneak snake-oil slick

renders my skin hopeless raw

where it lingered

in the shadow of your touch.

I knew my pain when it was tempered


inlaid with soulful etchings

\mother of my surviving pearl soul\

I raise the blades coated

in my fevered blood

hammered now, the plowshares

of my hard- won stance.

Unshackling the Aftermath

those steel cages

they lowered the bar

along with the boom

now I limbo under

sub-basement expectations

while my anticipations –

once tenacious

if not effervescent –


in their cement shoes.


those concertina’d fences

they sliced the ligaments

tethering light under my feet

now I stoop under

chains draped across

crumpled wings

while aspirations fizzle,

fireworks damped

in grey drizzling doubt.


“you will never…”

they swore under oath

razing fledgling sprouts of inspiration

straining toward Siberian sun

ad absurdum.

now I excavate cremated élan

sifting through visions in ruins

while I put the lie

to their premature obituary

stargaze with impunity


dare to dream again.

Crashed, Smashed, Unabashed

the world


in nauseating circumvolution

immolates upon impact

with sun’s burning luminosity

there is gnashing of teeth

upon swords unsheathed

buried to the hilt

in the exenterated entrails

of forsaken veracity

under the indigo glow

of moonbeams’ gleam

hope fogs the glasses

of those not yet

utterly disillusioned


through the cracked lenses

of potent possibilities

spills drops of rainbowed


rebounding from shattering


Return of Resilience

she had been dragged in

kicking and screaming

except there could be

no kicking

as shackles

chewed bare ankles

masticating manacles

the screaming

guttural and earsplitting

was silent

in her bursted breast

as the system

stove in her voice

blunt force trauma


having survived

grievous psychic


she crawled out


though the crawling

was an upright stride

firm and purposeful

on legs jellied

and the whimpering


noxious gelatinous goo

from clogged pores

while lips pursed

steadfast silence

exiting exhausted

she trailed

shards of shattered dignity

bread crumbs of stale hope

as an afterword

she stepped back in

invited and trepidatious


testament to tenacious

surreptitious survival


systemic degradation

to imperative encouragement


inside out








Horror Shaped Hearts

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down

the bridge stands while humanity has fallen

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Henny Penny as soothsayer

not crier of wolves


I see every detail

the horror paints upon your heart

hear the timbered anxiety

beating staccato in your chest


with every fiber of my being

I long to decapitate the Medusa’d

monstrous hate that breeds

in fear, timorous and treacherous


I swallow the impulse to call you

(to call everyone I’ve loved)

because life is too short, infinitely precious

to swaddle ourselves in resentments


my cells surge with the urge

to suffocate misunderstanding

misguided envy, misbegotten

progeny of deprivation


I remember when holding you gave comfort

until it suffocated you; I long

to keep that promise we didn’t:

never go to sleep angry


my heart shouts in passionate protest

from mountaintops climbed and toppled

of the powerful antidotes

secreted in compassion


I watch you drink your teetotalling cocktail

of angst and agony (shaken, not stirred)

I know you believe, deep in your truest soul

love trumps hate

right now nothing scales the wall

you’ve constructed around your heart

a marbleized monument to your anguish

and my perfidy


in silence, my spirit diffuses

radiating errant tendrils

of hope and harmony

across the globe, in solidarity


across town, in feather whispered remorse

into your dreams



burden of current events

weighs black and ponderous

crushing breath from chests

unspeakable carnage

bloodies belief

stuns compassionate senses

while corruption reigns supreme

trumping conscience or compunction

circumstances so surreal

they defy comprehension

stifle the very air

for those who dare inhale

the sky itself mirrors

anguish, pregnant of lead

bearing spun destruction

in smoked iron atmosphere

despair gestates, palpable


yet there, just there

a fissure in glowering gloom

cracks hesitant in blues

and faintest hints of gold

shifts and sways

just over the horizon

tentative rays of hope

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Aurora Phoenix/Dangerous Seduction

My submission for Braveandreckless’ “Moon Ate the Dark” writing challenge. Thanks for the great opportunity!

Brave & Reckless

The dark calls

with many hungered tongues

its asymmetrical seduction

sweeps and keeps

me off my feet

Dark is a sensual vampire

summoning in a sublingual murmur

caressing abashed tresses

kissing with fangs hidden

until my neck is bared

Dark, the spellbinding wizard

mouths against my breast

in verses near liturgical

with sorcery of velvet

it unwinds my breath

Dark, a crafty conjurer

slips beneath my skin

beguiling inner opening

with falsity prophetic

it curls around my core

Dark, the deft magician

lures my parched soul

deftly eats defenses

I inhale deep infinity

trembling toward submission

Dark plays me, fiddle-like

tempts of little deaths

bridge bowed and back arched

I hover near oblivion

beyond its gaping maw

Moon arises silvery

softly wise and cool

illuminates dark’s perfidy

the end of sanity

bewitchment of sweet release

The dark wanted

to make love to me

it argued an enticing case

the moon…

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Resurfacing the Return

it must be Mt Everest

she is climbing

barefoot bikini’d


in the howling

of the coldest wind

peak unscalable

blizzard obscured

she only knows

ascend she must

it is undeniably the Sahara

across which she trudges

camel-packed and overloaded


in the relentless

beating scorch

destination miraged

shimmering oblivion

on and on and on

she slogs, determined

unquestionably it is the Trench

from which she arises

crawling and kicking


under lightless pressure

fighting the crippling bends

surface the faintest

hint of a glimmer

near to bursting

she strokes on

exhausted in endless effort

desolated in the solitary sojourn

she pauses

contemplates inverted

mysteries of the universe

wonders if peace arrives

in standing still

(photographer: unknown)


Findings and Leavings

in things that drop from the sky

are tears that drip from my eyes

and dapples of sunlight and moonshine

feathering tired heartstrings of mine


in things that rise from the earth

burst flowers singing rebirth

alongside pungent eau de decay

fermenting, overwrought, from dismay


in things that rides on the waves

soars hope that my soul saves

scouring away, with salted tenacity

shame swamp that buried me


I alone must

stand my ground

dig my tattered toes

into the gravely mound

that shifts

and lacerates

tender feet and heart

time and time again

bend my knees

loosen hips and sway

in hurricanic gales

imbibe frigid sips

of now

swallow down

seasick of futures past

release ghastly

ghostly fearful hoping

from hands


shrug off despair

in shoulders


as the weight

of the world

sloughs off

raise fatigued

triumphant arms


the tempest


tearstained earnest face


the deluge



Photographer: unknown