Drama in Real Life

(dim the lights, cue dissonant minor chords, stoned disco pulsating)


A few moments ago

in a city much too close to home

the White House

(a decrepit abandoned


presumably haunted with

ghosts of madmen past)

drips bloodied

cuckoos’ nests

while Nurse Spicer

scrubs the walls.


“People always mean well…”


Deluded predatory

enforcers investigate

themselves and Batesian

shower scenes

or kidnappings.

Bedlam, interrupted

speaks in forked



tuned to truncated shrieks.




Inmates play stupored

chess with missing


self-medicate on


grandiose rants

marketing new

party game

“Nefarious or Stupid?”


“It’s the truth even if it didn’t happen”


Feathered parasites

stab fleeing

exsanguinated corridors


preferring life

as monsters


to death as good men.


“Alternative facts, they are”

sages Yoda

“You can’t handle the truth”