Introvert in Red

there is a snort wrapped in your chortle

devaluing scoff of disbelief

prickling through trappings of merriment

find humor at my blush-ed expense


you heave invalidating skepticism

splashes of frigid indigo

ice my vulnerable disclosure

impromptu orchid proffering


you have colored me strident scarlet

as I retreat not from weighty debate

and stand toe to toe with any challenge

in my hollow of hallowed ground


I carry off vermillion verisimilitude

in tones more assured than dulcet

take the measure of men of stature

shrink violet from no deliberation


my soul is lilting lavender

clad as a rubied warrior

wilts exhausted in social commerce

blooms fragrant is solitude’s sun


you vision me caricatured cerise

pushing envelopes and limits

while I crave the blessed relief

of a meadowed azure retreat

Welcome to My Gloaming

The scrawled draft of the invitation

lay half-abandoned on the counter

mocking testament

to her indecision


she needed to take risks

expand social horizons

get herself “out there” –

boy does she feel out there alright –


his baffled reaction

ship-sinking loose lipped

“WHO talks like that??”

torpedoes her fledgling



belatedly he catches

crestfallen expression