your skin should be alabaster

encapsulating the moon’s

shimmering aloof luminescence

as it does.


in your absence

musty tatters

of scorched indigo

shroud forlorn luna.


your eyes should glow amber

beaming the warmth

of a thousand equatorial suns

as they do.


you took your leave

and smogged tentacles

of choking umber

envelope my sol

Funny, or Forever

it’s a funny thing

how forever

is impenetrable

the iceberg that slashed –

pierced Titanic

with a mortal gash.

until distress

in the shape of global warming

meets judgment

in the form of Mach 5

and time is awash

in an icy deluge

of fragility.


it’s a funny thing

how forever

is shrink-wrapped

in glimmery cellophane

presented by bunnies

riding aback pirouetting unicorns

wreathed in butterfly smiles.

until missteps

shred glittery wrapping

to shit stained ribbons

while apprehension

fattens the teeming nits

that gorge as medieval knights

on the clotting gore

of slaughtered hope.


it’s a funny thing

about forever


Of Roots and Limbs

the tree of she

was flattened

beneath winds unbecoming

that would not stop

kept coming.

the tree of she

was stripped

of verdancy

foliage strewn and scattered

the litter of a life

afore untampered tempest.

the tree of she

denuded of vibrancy

leached of hue and cry

under cyclonic deluge.


recalcitrant roots

of the tree of she


tenacious tendrils


through arid residuum


withered branches


in quest of

an uncertain sun

Short, So Sweet

that dream, though

I saw the old warmth

deep in mahogany eyes

not the frosted tips

of your downturned lashes

I felt the sincerity

in tentative compassionate


I heard the triple bolted door

creak falteringly

on its unoiled hinges

I smelled the freshness

of my airy castle

tasted saline

in my crusted hopes

waking in dream’s afterglow

I shivered

in gathering chill

of reality

that dream, though



your fingers

on my spine

move no planchette

summon no spirits

writ in alphabet soup

the tingles

you trigger

are not hair-raising

in your arms

I warm

to the notion

of my resurrected



synaptic lapses

spectral cortical spasms

float ghosts

unchained and rattling

silent condemnations


my jellied brains

phantasmal spook



trailing chilled irons

clanking against composure


eyes prised wide

locked upon

tawny mirrorings

tether myself

to this moment



in coveted communion

I banish

badly behaved banshees

shrieking sprites


my ghosts

Requiem, At Dawn

Inspired by the introductory post by A, G Diedericks on Sudden Denouement. Please be sure to read his brilliant writing.


you drowned in the well

incognizant, I dug

I was tunneling

to the dawn of us

through the purgatory

of your distance

my shovel struck bedrock

immutable, unyielding

flinty faux foundation

fossilized connection

deflected, I excavated


tapped a hole

in the banks of Styx

inundated our

sacred rooms


I drowned in the well

unwitting, you unearthed

you were scrambling

for safety

craving concealment

hunted wolf cub

covering its scat

you sought burrowed refuge

tang of your fear

hung heavy on my tongue

frantic scrabbling

furrowed a pit

your sorrows swelled

rivulets to raging

unheeding I fell

over the brink


our dawn

was a golden reveille

an estival serenade

summons to rapturous

dispelling of vernal chill

from glittering gems of dew


our dusk plummeted precipitously

arctic dirge

to autumnal hurricanes

Abaddon escorts

to hibernal frigidity

dark, unconscionably soon

fell between me and you

Cooking for a Ghost

my contacts are blurry

sedimented with the salts of tears

cried and un-

the crows scarred your eyes

with the feet

of their raucous gathering

your skin has been kissed by the sun

though you rebuffed

the intimacy of its affections

I stand before the sizzling stove

stewing nurturance

for my lover, never you

while your ghost spins

on the blades

of the ceiling fan that won’t turn off

trailing tenacious tendrils

of ethereal palpable scorn

I can’t stop shivering

Of Heart and Home

when home

is where the heart is

where do you live


sing me home

chittering sparrows

winging esurient

to my empty

tarnished feeder

shrill my heart

red-bellied eluder

you beckon


my dogged pursuit

habituate a habitation

eddies in estuaries

brooking becks

of nested nuance

swell my marrow

surf billow


toward the crest

crucial crux

in the nuclear winter

of my frozen nucleus

I toy with


shoot the rapids

hearken to the call

of the welcoming wild

Welcome Home

he dashes

to greet me

slender frame


in trembling excitement


into my embrace

he squirms

wriggling frenetically


enthusiastic kisses

exuberant welcome


predicted trepidation

though years parted

vigorous reception

wags his tail

tells his tale

devotion undiminished

umpteen days

I longed to receive you

with ecstatic wriggling

maybe my kisses

were too slobbery

my nails scratched you

in my leaping

or my tail bruised

in pandemonious wagging

I wonder if you wished

he me disremembered

did you convince yourself

he drank from your well

of stagnant unforgiveness

can you feel

my lingering caresses


enduring on his body

as once they did

on yours?


Suspended Hostilities

I am held

in abeyance

my animation



in the black hole

where once

lived your love

in evaded vision

avoidance and silent derision

reject the premise



of my essential



I can hear

your sneer

in the deafly turned ear

to my comments

of import

or superficiality

you disavow

my vowed vowels

constant consonants

distance dissonance

snort the heroin

of failed heroism

mainline the fault line

where all the fault

is mine

hook yourself

on the barbed hasp

opium of odium

blow smoke

from shuttered eyes

I float among

detestation’s detritus