Bearable Lightness

I have been weighted down

under burdens

stooping my posture

self- shouldered

or world-imposed

the leadenness

has dulled my spirits

blunted the sparkle

in my eyes

cramped the scintillation

of my wit


the twinkle in your eyes

sprinkles stardust

beneath my feet

your smile

crinkle-eyed and intimate

envelopes me

excludes the impinging world

your wink reminds me

that living

involves laughing

and life

though deadly

must not always

be serious


we run

barefoot and tipsy

skirting the scuttling

hermit crabs

dodging moonbeams

flirting cirrusly

fomenting joy

into the spray

balmy and foaming

of the welcoming sea


fingertip fused

we dance disinhibited

I twirl delirious

under our canopied arms

spinning, five

and carefree again

as the stars

revolve around

this moment


we collapse


in the membranes

of the shadows

absolved and salty

in the curative embrace

of each other

the night

and the surf