Shades of Raw

you have glimpsed

soul bruises

deepest indigo

tightly tied

under bustier

saucy in scarlet

pressed them

tenderly insistent

against contusions

greening purple

of your own

you have ridden

harrowed heaving

aquamarine ochred


pummeling frenzied

under garters’ restraint

plunged intrepid

infusing whirlpool depths

with cobalt-cerise

chaos from your core

you have tasted

tangy cerulean brine


from my bared soul

alighting symphonic crescendo

upon your parched lips

stripping aside pretense


your throbbing need

When Demons Come Out to Play

our demons cavort madly

shadowed in the slatted

streaming moonlit haze

sweat-drenched and howling

they grapple uproariously

embraced in contortions

with themselves

each other


showdown to the finish

slip-sliding feverish


toward oblivion

horns locked

forked tails entwining

in the skirmish

scaled skin flakes

softens in the grinding

your fear upon my dread

my worry against your angst

your careworn imp

gets lost deep inside

my weary resigned rogue

heated and ravishing

we engage our hellions

soul to soul

breathless battling

until we both succumb

annihilating culmination

monsters quieted

devils shed and glowing

torment released


held skin to skin

warmed in blurred radiance