Huracan and Hephaestus roar

spew forth their fury

remonstrating rage

reminiscent of days of yore

repercussions blaze

at the injustice

                        at the arrogance

at the almighty ignorance

tree nymphs and spirits shrivel

innocence sacrificed


to the selfish consummation

casualties of the self-absorbed

they wither into ash

                        raining needless deaths

in black pre-emptive night

Helios and Eos grieve

this demonic devastation

                        the unholy alchemy

of incessant power and greed


color me raucous

as I squawk

struggle to float

amongst the quicksand

minutia of your


how you demonize

my black

feather – ragged


           at my visage

now you quiver

sunken in the muck

no more


blushing crow



of your



you were pushed from behind


I heard in the breathless notch

in your measured words

that catch

in your voice

the tremulous quaver

in your understated stand


I have felt those hands

(haven’t we all)

one knife-wielding

– in word or deed –

while the other lays claim

with eyes or clammy paws

to my plush backside

you are the embodiment

of cultured terror apparent

the carbon dated anguish

etched on your skin

your pain quivers

on articulated tips

of your educated tongue


I jump sky high

elbow cocked in self- defense

it fades yet never ebbs

that stretched rubber band

that inhabits cells

twangs unbidden

and we sproing!

he tantrums

spews vile rhetoric

wields his power

his privilege

in ways she would burn

at stake

were she dare give voice

were she to cry crododile

her ovaries would fry

ahhh those tantrums

we choke down

swallow hot with rancid bile

those that would label

rabid bitch

raving psycho


because well behaved women

may bare our ankles

here in 2018

shoulders even (Oh my!)

but we step NOT

upon the tender toes

of fragile male privilege

under pain of recompense


Welcome to the Land of the Free

they swelter under the shelter

of duodenal disdain

salvation proclamation

hymn hummed helter-skelter.

who are we to gift them

of our holier than thou

bread and water

served under asylum?

equal opportunity


doled out

with military precision

wrapped in red-tape ribbons.

did they hear the pop pop pop

of our birthday celebrations

and shudder violently?

\fear needs no translation\

these babies have seen stars

worn stripes beyond their years

it is not pride the anthem

conjures in my tears.

history repeats

drum beats



and the children

suffer for our fears



do you not see her?

the cowering fawn

peering cautious and doe eyed

behind flippant bang flips

biting back her fears

with her insolent lip.


she watches you

ancient soul

reading your exigencies

with survivor fluency

belied by halting

rhetorical cadence


do you not know her?

the ravenous infant

who suckles greedily

at the toxic teat

of counterfeit conceit

bloating on the surfeit

distended lies and

dismembered truth.

she masters you

the precocious conjurer

who spins chimerical yarns

as Van Gogh paints Poe

renders you heroine

victim of self-inflicted villainy

sutures your hara-kiri wounds


do you not hear her?

the rhythmic rocking

to her heartsick keening

the illegible lamentation

scrawled in bloodied

chicken scratch

writ literary boldface

in every listless shrug

and hangdog

‘I don’t care’


she echoes you

parroting perverse


preening for the

mirror, mirror

who’s the mommy dearest

hanging malignant mercury

poisoning her future

MALEVOLENT MELODY- Blood Into Ink Curator Collaboration

(Aurora Phoenix)

Your Urgency Pierced My Marrow


with vanilla milquetoast


you spun a web

the envy of Arachne

smeared in syrupy cajolery –

I supped on hand-dipped flattery


your urgency pierced my marrow with flim flam



Dilly Dalliance Bound Me


Lavender dipped

indulgent tongue

dripped incantations,

salacious songs—

your abuse was tender


dilly dalliance bound me with feathers



The Honey You Gave

Those words were sweet as honey and I drank them down like they were all for me. I fell for each one. But slowly, beneath my rose-covered eyes, they soured.
And, piece by piece, you took all you wanted from me. 


(My Valiant Soul)

Your Hands Are Stiff Wire


Cinnamon sticks plummeting

screeching lullaby with love and hunger,

A spasm spews on the back of an ant

The circle of disgust and disgust

My legs are broken, my arms are missing

yellow stingy archaic cry

Ruffling touch,

You disappear like a swollen pollen grain

As I chop my hair, chop the hideous you.




Lies and Propaganda


Anything goes, according to your arrogant agenda

Gaslight fueled, devotion fooled

Poisonous thirst for possession

And domination obsession

Believing exemption from

Sugar coated sin

As long as you win


Sticks and stones broke my bones, your lies and propaganda broke my spirit




No Longer Your Canvas


I throw out the bouquet of violets, salvia, red roses

you lay in empty contrition on our sheets of white linen

where I nurse the most recent bruises you have drawn with your fists

once you are gone, I adorn myself in essential oils

bittersweet for truth

thyme for strength

rosemary for remembrance

though my left eye may be swollen shut

I have never seen more clearly

than I do as I walk out the door, hidden suitcases in hand


I will no longer be the canvas for your unholy rage

Americana, 2018

the starvation of a nation


palpable and pulsating

in direct proportion

  • inverted, perversion –

to gelatinous girths

and hours marinating

in the blue-ing mind-suck


of that tube.

the one that tells you

(while it sells you)

of your fortune to be found

in the loss of every pound

that was packed on

in the purchase

hook, line and sinker

of the pre-packaged packaging.

sport this brand

name of fallacious

phantasmagoric fantasy

and watch your worth soar

while doubts dissipate

dissolved in hydrochloric

as you consume.


Narnian nirvana

flash fried with your drive thru

once upon a dinner.


reality pureed and spoon fed

in an internet WiFi IV

drip, drip, drip.


encapsulated hypocrisy

gastronomic gall

panacea, poison or placebo

pop another pill.


the depravity of deprivation

endemic epistemic


slurps Kant

with cream and sugar

throws back Locke in a jello shot

2 for a dollar

on the value menu

Unshackling the Aftermath

those steel cages

they lowered the bar

along with the boom

now I limbo under

sub-basement expectations

while my anticipations –

once tenacious

if not effervescent –


in their cement shoes.


those concertina’d fences

they sliced the ligaments

tethering light under my feet

now I stoop under

chains draped across

crumpled wings

while aspirations fizzle,

fireworks damped

in grey drizzling doubt.


“you will never…”

they swore under oath

razing fledgling sprouts of inspiration

straining toward Siberian sun

ad absurdum.

now I excavate cremated élan

sifting through visions in ruins

while I put the lie

to their premature obituary

stargaze with impunity


dare to dream again.

Bastardizing Feminism

when you call me


with that sneer

that mocks blue-black

from deadened eyes

have you consulted Webster

as you disparage


is it equality

that prompts

your jaw tightening

snarling disdain?

what fear you

if I stood


at your side?


when you label me


in that tone

befit for excrement

you trod upon

now befouling your nose

did you crack open Oxford

before you hurl

erroneous aspersions?


is it not right

in your eyes

smeared with sycophantic


that I dare believe

I am deserving

of status



when you brand me


as you would

a wandering cow

to which you lay claim,

who irritates

with wayward ways,

do you peruse American Heritage

as you slander

from spittle-foamed lips?


is it my audacity

to advocate

earnest and articulate

on behalf of myself

and sisters in subjugation

that tightens your colon

as you clench

your misbegotten gains?


dear sirs (and madams)

I respectfully submit the attached

as evidence of

verbiage abuse

and request that you

cease and desist





This is Jail

“this is jail”

oft-repeated poisonous mantra

“if you don’t like it, don’t come to jail”

officer excusing institutional dehumanization

“we’re in jail”

flawed logic condoning

crude, rude sewer mouth

gratuitous graphic expletives

“i’m in jail”

faulty rationale promoting

senseless corrosive pejoratives

perpetually derogatory interactions

“you’re in jail”

invalidation levied rataliatorily

accusation of assured corruption

expectations of decency DENIED

“this is jail”

flashing neon sign

advertising internalized self-denigration

all-pervading loss of dignity