Questions Posed to a Petal

i beheaded our love

as i pulled off each petal

tossing my angst

into the reckoning gale

\oh, how I longed to believe you!\

green, your calyx unfurled

unveiling vermillion corolla

scented heady uncertainty.

i inhaled misgivings where i sought

passion, and the cosmos

swallowed butterflies.

in the perpetual questioning

\do you, do you not?\

fingers stained from dissecting

pistil, pollen and essence

roses morphed to dandelions

\each exhale seeded doubts\

and towheaded whispers

blew flaxen future

floating, ephemeral

on roiling winds.

Asked, Unanswered

a galaxy of queries

drizzle down her nose

rainbow nigh imperceptibly

beyond sun’s flimsy filterings

responses kaleidoscope

diamond sharp

razor glittering

drop crystalline in place

artistry in perfect pictures

until the slightest shift

hint of flick in the wrist

nod to a blink of eye

rough- hewn or whispered mis-perception

tumble resolutions hurly-burly

burlesque Crayola mish-mash

showering puzzles meteoric

upon shoulders

yoked with perplexity