When Worlds Collide

we were both grievously wounded

post the collision

though not because of

the concussive crash

our wounds oozed

guts and gore

as individual universi

went whirling

off their axes

we limped through the wreckage

earning Academy nods

riveting as also-rans

we tended each other’s wounds

wrapped with tattered Teflon


my tears saturated your shoulder

sopping soppy sop

seeping from choked up hazel

tender under fingertips

I kissed yours away

our worlds resumed their spinning

if tilted off-their-kilters

we stammer translations

of each other’s dialects

stumbling and bumbling

walking hand and hand

the trappings unembellished

the wrappings second hand

our souls sing

an a capella duet

measured and harmonious

slightly off key






when I raise

my eyes

imbibe knotty draughts

of your emeraldine


pour out

intricate dahlia


in mingling tingles

I part

my candied lemon lips

osmose salted sips

of your fevered fervor


entangled gasps

lingering throaty zest

I lift my wrist


fragrant folded


lips graze

pupils flare in gaze

with tongue’s tip

you partake of

my earthen wine

guzzle immortality

through every nuzzle


Shades of Raw

you have glimpsed

soul bruises

deepest indigo

tightly tied

under bustier

saucy in scarlet

pressed them

tenderly insistent

against contusions

greening purple

of your own

you have ridden

harrowed heaving

aquamarine ochred


pummeling frenzied

under garters’ restraint

plunged intrepid

infusing whirlpool depths

with cobalt-cerise

chaos from your core

you have tasted

tangy cerulean brine


from my bared soul

alighting symphonic crescendo

upon your parched lips

stripping aside pretense


your throbbing need