Vernal Insurrection

nomadic animus

dredges swamp-bottom

of existence

redolent of skunk

cabbage and decomposed



talons rake crumbled


strain against savage



with a silent

primal eruption

psyche cleaves

essence’s surface


scatters, in its wake

diaphanous gemstones


refusing to accede

the fundamental madness

of renewing hope

Granite Dawn

proverb and expectation

dictate a glorious morn

scarlet singing sunrise

Apollo anointed


golden tongued streamers

disentangling dark

of world and thought

from Nyx’s ether


blazing luminary

lighting and lightening

temporal burdens

from sleep-stooped shoulders


disenchantment mourns

a greyed and heavy cloak

drizzle drooped

upon Aurora


dawn, cracked and leaden

seeps nebulous glimmers

Silent Witness

The foundation cemented over

the sins of their forebears

who observed with dispassionate detachment

incalculable suffering

meted out, one being to another –

humanity not at play.


Beams and planking construct

new history intended

to blot out

the infamy and ignominy

crowded between slats.


Whitewash notwithstanding

the earth remembers