At Day’s End

my fingers

strong yet supple

rub insistently

along your firm lines

massaging hard-working grime

from your weary edges.

with emphatic strokes

I work you into a lather

as we


tensions of the day.

damp and shining

we lay prone

your face a shimmering

reflection of my

earnest exertion

A Picture, or 1000 Words?

when you paint me

will I flow from your brush

cerulean and magenta profusions

my intimate sins

bleeding O’Keeffe’s rainbows

stunning explosions

across your pages?

or will you sketch me

in botanic taxonomy

skunk cabbage petals

heavy with heat crimp

pinned and labeled

for methodical scrutiny?


you buzz about my petals

alight instinctive



I anticipate your sting


my eyes

launch celestial rockets

from limpid labyrinthine pools

spark interest

blur your vision

my murmurs

Calliope elegiac symphonies

sway limbs rhythmic

tilt you off-kilter

my touch

feathered fingertip graze

flutters kaleidoscope of butterflies

incites your insides

to inebriated riot

my kiss

spiced violet blackberry

lingers on your tongue

leggy blushes

beyond the pale

in vino vertigo

savoring languorous sips

my skin

subsumes your senses



your thumb on my hipbone

gentle yet substantial


sinks arches of us

into the sultry fabric

of the July night

lazy circling caresses

heated friction

loop fractals of demurement

humming unmurmured

through cricketing air

fingertipped claiming

sizzles on contact

neurons whorl and swirl

sensory surround sound

imprints sensual tattoo

where your skin touches mine

Surprise Party

when she least expected it

they threw her a party

it was a fabulously festive fete

decorated in lavish

ballooned festoonery

hued in iridescent luminosity

tinted in fairy twinkling stardust


there was no calendared occasion

for this carousel of carousing choruses

chambered in octet octaves

orchestrated by rocking seraphim

harmonizing with oceanic refrains

breezing on celestial whispers

sung in angelic dulcet tones


the banquet was catered

by Dionysian attendants

bearing fruits of Gaia’s garden

reaped under harvest moon

cornucopia’d on Celtic crystal

draughted with Ambrosia

dribbled fingertips to lips


the ambience was perfumed

with subtle scent selections

wafting hints of honeysuckle

floating through tunnels

of aromatic essence

fragranced in lavendered layers

spiced with redolent seduction


they decked her out in haute couture

choreographing costume changes

tantalizing skin softly

draped in diaphanous silks

bewinged of gossamer feathers

cloaks of cascading chiffon

her words outdid themselves


(image: pinterest)